Friday, 26 April 2013

Do not be afraid of the sufferings that are coming to you ... (Rev 2:10)

There is a baptism I must still receive,
and how great is my distress till it is over! (Luke 12:50)

On the 23rd April 2013 Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Belgium was subjected to a humiliating attack by four bare-breasted women who sprayed him with water while shouting and cursing at him. The archbishop remained calm throughout, apparently in prayer.

This image has stirred me deeply. It is an image of the Church and of those who would destroy her. And therefore it is an image of Christ.

Thank you, Archbishop Leonard, for daring to open your mouth and speak to the world the truths of the Faith and to accept into your own life the consequences of doing so. You are a brave man; a dutiful servant.

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